Diwali 2018

Hi world you dont know Meaning of Diwali means for Hindu’s :),… Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights when diwali celebrated by India you cant imagine view from setelite,this is the most popular festival of hinduism.

This was the view of setellite when India celebrating diwali last year in 2017,Diwali symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”. During diwali each homes, offfices, shops, temples illuminited. the preparation and rituals for festival typically last five days this is year it starts from 3/11/2018 (it generally appears in mid october to mid november) In hindu celender it is celebrated after 18 days of Vijyadashmi.

The Five days of Diwali are starts from Day 1 : Dhanteras the day of fortune, Day 2 : Naraka Chaturdasi,  Day 3 : Diwali day of light , Day 4 : Annakut first day of hindu New year, Day 5 Bhai duj day of love between sibillings.(this five days said and celebrated in various forums in India and also Diwali is official holildays during this five days In India

When Diwali about to come long poojas for the religion enthusiasts to the night long card parties and haute Diwali do’s for the younger, chic lot, from ebullient, fiery crackers for jumpy, juvenile ones to the lovely, colourful earthen lamps and lanterns and fine rangolis for the creative ones, every one prepare cleaning homes and decorates each property they belong to welcome lords during this days and many said positive vibes comes during this days and third they burn all negative emotions and grudges with fire works and 4 th day they happily meets with new beginnings hope and desires.

In short we wishing you all happy diwali, may you all enjoy diwali with green crackers and it will be special moments for you all special and serving all guest with surprising new diw;ali recipes and new menus happy diwali in advance to all for diwali 2018.

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